About KBG

my name is tami & i'm born & raised right here in brooklyn, ny. i love bk with all my heart & after living in cali for a few years i moved back home to be near my family & to enjoy the culture that nyc, not just bk, has to offer. 

i'm a producer by trade but i've had this idea for tees for a couple of years...so i figure why not see if anyone else feels the same way i do.

black women go through a lot of emotions with their hair. our hair is beautiful & sexy & i wanted to give women a way to celebrate & embrace their natural beauty. i didn't relax my hair until i was an adult because my father wouldn't let me. smart man. & after relaxing my hair, then going natural again, then relaxing it again, & then back to natural, i finally decided to stop relaxing it in 2003 when my then 4 year old niece insulted our dear neighbor who was rocking a fro. i realized at that moment how impressionable our littlest girls are. 

and yes...kinky is a double entendre. kinky to me means being comfortable with your sexuality & your sensuality, yet it also identifies a hair type...& that defines me...kinky...in more ways than one! ;o)

one more thing, even though kinkybrooklyngirl was designed with the natural girl in mind…any girl can rock a kinky girl tee…because kinky girls are free…naturally!

thanks for stopping by!!
ps: the supermodel is my lovely niece. #proudauntie ;o)